Monday, February 17, 2014

Catch up/Project 14

We need to do a little catch up here we have had a busy last few days. Project 14 was sugar cookies! We had so much fun making them and decorating them with good friends. The kids actually only did one cookie each then were ready to get back to playing. Adult conversation while decorating what seemed like thousands of sugar cookies made for a good time by all. The sugar cookie recipe is one I got from my sister-in-law and they stay soft and fluffy, melt in your mouth and are amazing. I will have to ask her permission to share.

Cuting out


Cookie anyone?

We had a fun time with Grandma and Grandpa and are looking forward to the other set coming tomorrow. My hubby and I will get to do a little Valentine/birthday getaway together while they are here!

We did an extra project today! I have been wanting to do this one since the beginning of the month but did not have the paint. Grandma brought us our paint. It was left at our house we moved from and I didn’t want to buy more when I had almost a full gallon on its way here. Good thing the boys’ foot prints are adorable and what makes the picture because I do not like my writing. This was done on an 8*10 canvas, I picked up a pack of two at WalMart for about 10 bucks!

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