Monday, March 10, 2014

Another Painted Countertop and other Projects

I have had a bit of a delay in posts here, it has been a busy past month and writing posts every day for a while I did get a bit burned out with blogging! It has been a good busy though as a lot has gotten accomplished around here! We enjoyed having my parents visit! I always feel bad that it seems my dad always has some work to do whenever they come! He did get a lot done thought while he was here. One of the things he did was put in a dishwasher for me! I am so excited to have one again! Dad built a shed, mom and I painted the kitchen cabinets. The cabinets with their fresh coat of paint inspired me to do more painting in the kitchen so I painted the walls and yes painted a countertop here is the story on that…

Down in our basement laundry room was this old cabinet that was in very rough shape. I wish I had a before picture to show you of it but the sides were falling off and it was well just real ugly! My dad though while he was here fixed it up put new sides added some drawers etc... He bought some old wood to use to make a wooden top for it but did not get to that while he was here so he took them home with him to work on them there and will bring them along next trip out here! In the meantime though the top of the counter top as it was I could not live with it was stained really horrible looking!

the only before photo of course by this time cabinet part has been painted!


Here is a close up of the counter top before

Stained with paint and who knows what else, also places where the laminet top is craked and bulging!

First thing I did was take off the top and flip it over to start over with the wood side...there is some holes!

I did some sanding

Filled in the holes and crakes let it dry then sanded again

Rolled on a coat of primer

Using a scrunched up paper towel I dabbed on my first color of paint I used three colors a light tan and a little darker tan and the black. I also tried the experiment of sprinkling in some glitter. (It didn't really stick real well)Then dab on the next color and just and dab on black in small fewer places just keep repeating the layers until you get the look you want.

Once dry very lightly sand

Add several coats of polycrylic. I did seven coats gave it a two hour dry time between each coat and lighted sanded between each. I let it cure 24 hours before I put anything back on the counter If you can wait longer is better.

While it does not look perfect it looks much better!

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