Friday, February 7, 2014

Project 7-FAILURE... but a victory

From the time the kids woke up this morning until they finally just now settled in for night they have been wound up! With all the mess making happening, the pestering, the screaming, the chasing, etc the last thing I really was feeling like doing was a project. I thought though that maybe it would settle them down for a bit and they could do project while I did a little laundry folding or picking up books and whatever else was scattered everywhere! This project was something I just thought up on whim as I did not feel up to tackling our original project plan with paint. So I tried a little less messy paint project. I put some elbow macaroni noodles in a bowl and put the paint in the bowl too and mixed to color the macaroni. While the macaroni noodles dried we went to the store, they were still not dry so they decided they wanted to out and play in the snow. That lasted a few minutes as it was very cold! So after warming up with some cocoa we tried project. My intent with the macaroni was to have them string them on to wire then make into hearts, well the macaroni had too much of an elbow and we could not get the wire past that bend without breaking the noodle. So I quickly think of a Plan B I got some red paper and cut out hearts and put some glue on them so they could just glue the macaroni on them. Meanwhile they threw macaroni at each other, behind the corner table bench, and everywhere else, some of the macaroni was still wet so there was paint on the floor and walls! Ohhhhh boy not a happy mommy! We all got down to pick up macaroni then started gluing. They were doing pretty well with this so I just went in to use the rest room or something and in just the time doing that they had done it again…macaroni everywhere! By now I am really not happy! I send them downstairs and tell them better play nice or they can go to bed (in probably not the nicest of tones) and attempt to clean up the mess. Trying my best to ignore the chaos happening downstairs I attempt to clean up and just went I have had about had a knock on the door… UPS with a package even though it is addressed to my husband I know it is actually something for me. Something he ordered for me for my birthday coming up this made me smile. I think then of the other package that is here for me. The one that my sweet little messy four year old helped daddy pick out. How can I be mad now? Here he comes up the stairs. I tell him I am sorry for yelling at him and tell him the mess and all was just driving me nuts but if he could help pick up just some of it then we could go play. He then sat down on the little step that steps down from our kitchen to the back hallway that leads to the basement stairs and says “ Mama you drive me nuts but I still love you” Haha I had to laugh and said “ I guess we all just drive each other nuts and love each other too….Winston is driving me nuts right now climbing on the stool!” After getting Winston off the stool they decide they are not interested in doing any cleaning and head back downstairs to play. Ding whatever the sound that I have received a text: “Where does my beautiful bride want to eat tonight?” oh wow love that guy! How did he know I did not feel like cooking dinner or know what cook or just needed well this! How, how can I sometimes feel so angered, so uptight, so irritated when I am surround by so much love? I love this little family of mine such precious little dudes and one bigger one! I love them all! And if you come to my house and there is food, project stuff, underwear and what else scattered about and it bothers you can leave or help clean up because I am going to try to not let it bother me so much!

A few project pictures:

So there you have our project our hearts with worms I think that I would like to keep my heart from getting them!

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  1. Shanna, you made me laugh so hard. You cute little writer mommy you! I can just picture this whole thing and that 4 yr old of yours telling you that you drive him nuts sometimes. Kuddo's to your sweetie for the rescue night out. I think you really do deserve it. Love ya all