Monday, February 3, 2014

Projects 1 & 2

We did two projects today. It is day three of the month so that means we have only missed one so far! For the first day we kept this one pretty simple. I picked up these wood heart frames from Walmart for $.97 each and they made for a cute easy project for young ones. Even Winston’s (he is two) frame turned out pretty cute! A project you can't go wrong with really! While we waited for paint to dry before putting on the stickers to decorte the frames we made heart characters. Winston's very promptly got destroyed. Remington made an alien heart guy and did not want the arms or legs on just lots of eyes....whatever. I need to get some pictures printed to put in the frames for display.

Love to paint

The heart of those projects that never turns out like I imagined but whatever they love to cut (Remington cut out most of his own heart I drew on the paper!) and glue things so they had fun! That is the idea!

Remington's Frame Age 4

Winston's Frame Age 2

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  1. I love these. They are just precious. I also love that you are teaching your boys to be crafty. I think it's just as important for boys to do crafts as it is girls. Sometimes we forget that! ~Dori~