Tuesday, February 4, 2014

1 plate 2 projects (Projects 3&4)

Using one paper plate we made two more projects today! Yeah we are all caught up now 4 days and 4 projects done! We actually used three plates because I had three little project makers here today. Each child got to make two projects using one plate though! We had a fun time with Lyrah this afternoon thanks for coming to work on our project and play with us!

Wreath and a heart

To make the wreath:

Paper plate
tissue paper
paint brush
hearts...whatever else you would like to glue on

I folded the plate in half and cut out the center to get a circle for the wreath. I gave them each a litle plate with some glue on it and a paint brush to paint the glue on their plate then they ripped the tissue paper and glued to their hearts content.

They are so cute!

I used a small piece of wrapping ribbon and stapled it on the top to hang the wreath, then had them glue hearts or buttons over the staples to cover them.

For the heart...

Using the circle I cut out of the plate I folded it in half to cut out hearts. We then had fun decorating them with some glue and glitter and buttons!


  1. Shanna, you are something else. One amazing little mother. Lucky, lucky boys those are. Very cute projects.

  2. Shanna thanks so much for including Lyrah. She was so proud of her project and kept showing her brothers what she had done.