Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Project 12- a lost privilege

I have been working on getting the last of few valentines photo/cards sent today. In the card for my husband’s grandparents I wanted to include a personal note as well so I got some card stock for the boys to draw a picture on for the card. Then the plan was to do this quick then our project. I got the crayons out and told Remington I needed to draw a picture on the card. He whined about needing a bigger one etc, etc so I decided to let them use stamps on it as well and stamp with hearts and love stamps. I went in my craft room to get the stamps and Remington was gone…he had gone upstairs. I grabbed all of the crayons and paper everything we would need and headed up. I get to the top of stairs and on the landing is green crayon scribbled on the floor, I walk into the kitchen green crayon all over the kitchen floor into the dining room and there is green crayon all over the kitchen table and still no sign of Remington (he is hiding in his room) So I told him he was going to stay in his room and stay on his bed in hopes that he would go to sleep. I let Winston make the card for Great Grandma and Grandpa. Remington stayed in his room for a while and was actually good about staying on the bed whining only once in a while that he wanted to come and the project and that he was going to be good now.(The story anytime he gets in trouble or doesn't get to do somthing.) It was already getting late and almost time for daddy to get home I decided to let him come out and not have to take a nap on the condition that he picks up his toys in the basement playroom. He whined some more about wanting to the project and tried to explain as best as I could to a four year old that sometimes because of our behavior we miss out privilges and sent down to clean up.

My boys need to get more sleep! They have been refusing to take naps and they wake up early. No matter how early or late they go to bed they wake up at the same time. They need to get more sleep as well as does mommy and everyone’s behavior is showing that! Hopefully we can get caught up soon and all be more cheerful with our company coming on Friday! My husband’s parents are coming this week and my parents the next so we are looking forward to that. My parents will be here for a little over a week so while they are here my husband and I will get to take a little valentine/my birthday vacation for a couple of days while they stay here with kiddos. We are looking forward to a much needed break. Here is to hoping we are up for a project of making some valentine sugar cookies within the next couple of days! I need to go check on how project clean up basment is coming along!

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