Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Winston

Today my sweet baby turned 3 he made it very clear that he wanted an Elmo birthday cake so I had to get creative and try to figure out how to make an Elmo cake. We had a simple little party for him with a few friends and ate his favorite meal of Spaghetti and Elmo cake and ice cream!
The cake was really quite simple the hardest part getting the frosting red! 2 1/2 tubes of food coloring later and a little brown mixed in we got something close to red! I used two jumbo marshmallows for the eyes and nose. I cut them in half and used a half of a marshmallow for each eye and the nose. I dyed the nose with orange cool aide. A litle bit of pre mixed black frosting for the center of they eyes and mouth. There is a thick layer of frosting then touched with my fingertip to make it peak to give the frosting some texture really pretty simple! I have another cake to make in ten days as my other boy will be turning five!