Friday, September 8, 2017

Old Ironing Board Re purpose

My aunt was getting rid of this old ironing board so I took it off her hands. I didn't know what it's purpose was to be when I got it but when we rearranged the furniture and needed a couch table that be come the purpose. A little sanding and painting later it looks like it belongs.

This projected was rolled on using a small foam roller and is the same color paint as the dining room wall and the desk.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Reading Corner Rearranged

The reading corner got rearranged I think I like this arrangement better. What do you think?

When I originally rearranged the kids' little table was where the chair is. I intended it to be a little craft table. They quickly decided they wanted their table back in their play area in the garage and so the chair went there. They still craft at the dining room table, sigh probably better it is off the carpet anyway and it needed a cute table instead of a plastic folding one that while very sturdy and practical just doesn't really fit the decor.

Reading Corner before

Reading Corner with table

Monday, July 10, 2017

Desk Makeover

I am finally able to post photos to my blog again sorry for the delay in this post. This desk was a $10 Facebook find in need of a makeover. I painted it using Vaseline, yeah the Vaseline keeps the paint from sticking to the desk so minimal sanding is needed. So, first the prep stuff removing the drawers and nobs, then I randomly lightly smeared Vaseline over the desk a little heavier on the edges and corners. I then used a small foam roller brush to paint let dry and re-coat let dry use very fine sand paper and lightly sand to get the paint off the places the Vaseline was applied. I then lightly went over with a thin layer paint to de-shine the the wood that was showing. I love how this turned out the only down side is because of the Vaseline the final coat takes a long time to completely dry. Sorry I forgot to take in the process pictures.

Before Picture

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Home Decor projects

No projects were completed here today I spent much of the day relaxing trying to get over the cold I caught and catching up on laundry and other household chores those seem to get neglected when I get involved in a painting project. I want to share though what I got completed yesterday and the amazing color match done by Home Depot to my fabric.

I started this coral wall yesterday and managed to finish it before I felt the cold starting to set in. The next project will be to paint the desk a pretty bright color, then paint the opposite peak wall in the living room the same color. To pick the colors for this wall and dining room wall (that is the color the desk will be also) I used a fabric piece from the reading corner pillows. I am amazed at how well the Home Depot paint team matched these colors. Look at this!

Yesterday I also painted these house numbers that were on the side of our house they were white and not visible from the road. I painted them black and added them to this old tool box we were using as a planter.

Hoping I feel well enough tomorrow to work on more!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Cheerful Home Decor- Dining Room

Our cheerful Dining room

This looks a more green than the true color but it is bright and cheerful. A new light fixture eventually and this room will be complete.

I started to paint the dining room yesternight and because I had a big day ahead of me the next day with a field trip to the zoo I didn't want to stay up late to finish it.

While I spent a cold wet rainy day at the zoo with this cutie my husband finished it!!

Since the dining room was finished I started this project in the living room last night.

I hope to finish this wall today then move on the other living room wall that will be this pretty coral color.