Thursday, August 21, 2014

Projects and Updates

I don’t know where to start it has been so long since my last post. I could come up with all kinds of excuses why I have not such as how busy I have been and that I lost my camera and had to get a new one etc. So here is an update on life and the projects I have been working on.

My husband and I celebrated ten years together the beginning of this month we took a little trip the end of last month to Estes Park this is one of the only pictures we have us on the trip as this is when our camera got lost. This is one my husband took with his phone.

Between the business of life, parents visiting, anniversary and camping trips etc. I have mangaged to get a few projects done to continue on the living room project.

For my birthday back in February one of the gifts my husband got for me was some burlap coffee sacks he knew I wanted some for d├ęcor projects and I finally got around to putting them to use.

First project was making the cover for the cushion on this shoe bin

It was bothering me that at night I could not the close the curtain of the window that our air conditioner was in so this is the solution I came up for that using one the sacks with a design I liked too much to cut up.

And I finally decided what I wanted for curtains on the other window and got them made!

I used a handy pinterest tip so the curtains could easily open and close

bungie cord attached to the curtain rod much cheaper then another rod and much eaiser to hang!

A look at the living room now

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