Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Vent and a Tip

I am unfit to be a mother is how I am feeling today. My back is giving fits so I am feeling so much pain that I can hardly stand it and can barely walk. Do they care though? Not in the least bit. I know though this is because they do not understand and are used to mommy being able to lift them up, get them their drinks, food, etc, and all the things they need to care for them, but still I take the pain out on them so unfair. I find myself yelling at them when they are just wanting the normal demands that a child needs. My oldest is very sweet and will pat me or give me a little kiss or say “sorry Mama”, but as soon as he wants something seems to forget. At the moment though I am trying to get them to sleep. I thought I would try to be kind and motherly and lie down by them for a bit but I found that each movement just irritated me more as it jarred my back and each word spoken just made me want to snap be quiet threw gritted teeth as they were refusing to go to sleep so thought it best to just leave it be and try to ignore the noise while I just sit out here and try to let out some frustrations and try to get some relief by putting ice on my back again with a handy comfort Pad . Hope this feels better soon and we can all get some much needed rest and feel better.

On a lighter note it may be a good time to share this little cleaning tip with you. I have been using vinegar to clean with for a long time. I like to use for everyday cleaning such as wiping down counters and the table as I don’t like the thought of all the chemicals being used every day on them or the little ones spraying it since they like to help with the chore of cleaning the table. We all know that vinegar is not really the best smell though well, I saw this on Pinterest and just modified it a bit by using full strength vinegar and not diluting it with water. So you put some orange peels or lemons, Peels of whatever citrus fruits you may like in a quart jar then fill with vinegar and let it sit for two weeks it is then ready to use. I put it in spray bottle and use as I would any cleaner. I have so far only done this with orange would like to try adding in some lemon. This smells much better than vinegar plain and is safe for the kids to use to help with cleaning!

I suppose soon it will be time to let get up again they have been lying down for a couple of hours now refusing to sleep. I guess it will be early to bed tonight!

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