Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kids photo shoot

I am very lucky to have a sister-in-law who is a professional photographer ( http://photography-by-kyla.blogspot.com/) so I  often get to have pictures taken of my boys! I however did these myself and often I do because we live  an hour away from each other and with both of our busy schedules it is hard to find time to get together to get the photos done, and well I kinda enjoy doing them myself! Someday I need to get a good camera and learn more about it.   I must say that I was quite proud to tell the WalMart photo lab that I took them When I went to pick them up and they said they needed to check the copyright on them!


  1. Dear sweet Shanna - I love your darling precious boys! Wish I could see them in real life. WHEN do you and Tom get to come visit?! (Love that trunk they are sitting in too!) xoxo ~ Dori ~

  2. Great pictures, Shanna! I love the trunk, too!

  3. Such cute photos - your boys are simply adorable!