Monday, July 7, 2014

Pallet coat/shoe shelf

Our back entry is the door we mostly use to come in and out of I don’t think we even have a key for the front door! This entry way is a very small narrow hallway so anything on the floor for shoes was a tripping hazard. I needed a new solution for shoes and coats. We have all seen the pallet shelf wine racks etc… well this is my version and the perfect solution for hanging coats and for all the shoes that would otherwise be on the floor!



To get the old barn wood color I first tried a solution some may have seen soaking steel wool in vinegar that did not work, so I then watered down a little black paint and brushed it on then let it dry then sanded.

I love the transformation!

#pallet shelf #pallet coat rack #pallet shoe rack

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  1. How did I miss this post???? I love what you've done. Its a great idea and is super cute, Shanna. Andrea recently did a project with the steel wool and vinegar and she had great success with it, but I know she said it was very, very strange!