Thursday, January 23, 2014

Rustic Vintage

Rustic Vintage this is what I decided I am going to call my decor "style" While the living room is far from being complete I made a slight change yesterday. There was sheer curtains on all the windows paired with these other curtains that were not even the same length, so it looked pretty odd. I wanted to use those sheer curtains to create new bags for my comfort wraps so I took one down to use. I had some brown suede curtains that were on some windows in a different room and am not using them there now, I so thought they work in here at least for now so I could use the sheer! What an improvement! I need to figure out what to do in the living room on the other window now as it still has that odd combination up. The new curtains are also nice because they can be pulled shut at night and provide privacy unlike the sheer. I don't know yet if these curtains are what will stay up on that window but for now it is a nice change and I got to use the sheer fabric!

Photo taken of living room when we looked at the house.

The living room as it looks now. The first thing to go was the old carpet. My hubby is not to sure about the hardwood and wants to recarpet. Even though it does need to be refinished sometime I am pleased with the shape it is in and really like it. Do you think it would look funny to have non matching curtains on the windows? On the other window I am thinking just a blind with a valence only as I do not want something long because of the shoe bench under the window.

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  1. Shanna I love it!!!! And no I don't think there is anything wrong with different curtains. It's your house, after all!! I love, love, love the hardwood. I would definitely not put carpet back!! If it seems "cold" get a nice rug for the center of the room!!! I bet you feel good to be getting settled in huh?