Thursday, January 9, 2014

New house and Adventure

A new house and a new adventure in a new place both are exciting. I was not really ready to move and begin fixing up another house to make it scream me, as we had just moved into the one were living in a less than a year ago and was not finished with it! That seems to be the way it goes though.

I am thankful though for our recent move, so many things have been happening lately that have been so good for our little family all of which have brought us closer together. While we were sad to move away from family and all that we knew this has been/will be a good move for us! Most of all I just love that my husband has a job he seems to love, doing something he loves, in an industry he loves. Can it get much better?

Back to the house...I was sad to leave our last house with its large master suite, and big backyard but am excited to make this one home. It is an older house so while it has some old house quirks and updates that need done it has so much character I am looking forward to working with. One of my favorite rooms is the basement, many houses we looked at here had unfinished basements that were creepy but this one was finished and nice. The kids love having a playroom and I love that for the most part the mess stays down there! Upon looking at the house I never thought I would say this but the kitchen is one of my favorite rooms, they had the kitchen set up very awkward and made it seem even smaller than it actually is. But with some rearranging and adding some shelves it is now quite functional (if you don't get too many cooks in there) It is still small but is arranged in a way you can move and well it looks very Retro which I love!!! The living room walls are cool and kinda curve into the celling (not really sure how to describe it.) The back yard although small has a cement pad that they boys love to ride bikes all around. We are settling in nicely and it is already feeling like home. I will post the before and after photos by room as I work on them and feel that they are at a point I want to share. Please be patient with me in my fixing up adventure as well first I have decide what to do it seems at times that takes a while, Got to live in it before the creative juices flow and well I try to do everything as thrifty as I can too making it more of a challenge but that is what makes it fun. Once I decide what to do I need to find the time that too can be a challenge with two little ones! Decorating for me while fun is always a bit interesting as I am not sure what my "style" is.

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  1. Oh Shanna, you sound so much like me!! Except we've lived in this house for 2 years and I still am rearranging and decorating (finally got picture frames hung! now to get some actual pictures in them :P). Your home sounds like it has some character! It would be fun to see sometime. I'm glad the move out here has good things for you guys (seems God always has something up his sleeve to make our lives better, especially in situations we wouldn't chose for ourselves initially!). We sure are happy y'all are out here! As you can probably tell by now, there aren't many friends in this neck of the woods, especially with children (although you happened to pick the town with the most all together! haha). Can't wait to get to know you guys more :D