Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Ikea Chair Hack/Ikea Chair Makeover

  I found this Ikea at a yard sale. I wanted it to match my colorful decor so I gave it a colorful makeover. 

I wanted the legs to match the black legs of the desk as well so the legs needed painted as well. 

First step:  Remove screws 

Step 2: tape off the wheels (maybe not necessary since they are black but wasn't sure how the paint would affect how they roll

Step 3: Find a box to and poke your screws into the bottom of it

Step 4: You are now ready to start painting! I painted my black first. My black was just a cheap generic brand spray paint that is less than $2! turn the box upside down and put the bolts into it so you can paint them as well. spray your first coat of paint on the back of the screws and the bolts. Re coat until you are satisfied with coverage.

Step 5: Once dry move the base off the paint area and take the bolts out of the box and put aside. Set up the chair seat on something ( I used flower pot) and turn the box over you should now see the the top of the screws.  Spray paint the screws and as much of the chair as you can For the seat I used Krylon Satin Sea Glass (see photo below). Re coat until satisfied with coverage letting dry at least 10 minutes between coats

Step 6: once all coats are dry turn the chair over to get the bottom painted

Step 7: once you have painted the bottom and it is dry turn chair back over and grab your base as well you are now ready to spray on the top coat. A clear protective finish. I used Rust-Oleum Matte Clear finish. Spray on several coats probably at least 4 I used the can!

Step 8: Once your clear coat has had time to dry (give at least 24 hours ) you can put your chair back together now! you may need someone to sit on it while you attach the bolts to make sure it get pushed down on the lever all the way. My chair didn't want to go up or down at first but with some force my husband to unstick it so it does now got a little sticky from the paint. I guess.

And now my son has a chair to sit on while he plays his keyboard! 

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Vintage stool redo/front porch redo part 1

Last week I decided the front porch was in need of cheerful lift. The vintage stool was in rough shape and the plant that was sitting on it dead.  first I threw away the dead plant then got to work on the stool. 

A finished look at the stool before I go into the process of refinishing it. No it isn't on the front porch anymore. I didn't want it sitting out in weather getting rusty again and it was a perfect addition to the coffee bar corner. 

The vinyl on the seat of the stool had a large rip on it.  My plan originally was to just replace the vinyl I never got around to this so the stool got moved to the porch with a plant on it, where it just rusted and the padding rotted. 

First I had to remove the seat from the stool So I removed the screws that held on the back rest and then used a screwdriver to pry the little tabs underneath the seat that hold it on.

The rotted padding had to then be scraped off

Rusty seat sanded I wan't able to sand it all off but got it sanded as much as I could getting loose chunks off

I removed the vinyl and padding from the backrest of the stool and taped off the chrome to get it ready for painting.

Next came the very tedious job of taping off all the chrome and rubber on steps

I do not have a picture of the actual paining processes but I laid a canvas paint cloth in my driveway and spray painted all the parts the seat back rest and the faded red on the stool. I used Rust-Oleum American  Accents Paint + Primer in Satin finish Poppy Red.

Well it has now been 2 weeks since I did this project because I had to get new screws for the back that had a little nut that went on with them as with not putting padding and vinyl back on the little tiny short screws didn't work. This ended up being quite a process.  I took the screw into the local hardware store and told the young gentleman working there that I needed a screw that was same size around slightly longer and had a nut.  He picked out some screws and nuts and put them in the bag. I got them home and only one of them worked and that was the only one that the nuts fit on. So I finally made it back to the store and I picked out the screws myself. So I painted the screws and bolts and was finally able to attach the backrest.

I poked the screws into a cardboard box and set the nuts on it and spray painted them

As I mentioned before, I didn't want the stool back on the porch to get wet and rust again so it found a new home. I had been wanting a little chair next to the coffee bar anyway, and the stool fits perfectly there. So the corner on the porch needed some new decor so I had to figure out/make something new to put where the stool once was. Watch for Front Porch Redo part 2 for another front porch project.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Multi Color Desk

We Will be doing school here at home this year. we needed a new desk so I made over this old desk I had. I bought this little desk when I was sixteen with money from my fist job. The store I worked in got this little desk in stock and I knew it would fit perfectly in my litte doormer window nook. The desk has been up in that doormer since until now my parents broght it here for my son to use for his school desk. We found a chair For $5 at Youth Ranch and bought some paint to make both match our colorful decor. I used Rust-Oleum Spray paint to paint both the desk and the chair.



On the larger drawer in the middle was some dowels on the bottom that keep it from sliding out all the way and falling out.  One of them was loose and came right out but I couldn't get the other one out so I had to figure out how to paint the drawer and desk with out getting spray on the other I taped some plastic bags to the desk while painting the drawer and taped the around the drawer while painting the desk.

We are a step closer to being ready for distance learning now we are just waiting for the backordered computer to arrive! 

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Colorful Kid's room

We have been working on many house projects here lately. All of which I am excited to share with you. The first and most fun one that I would like to share is my son's room. I wanted something fun and colorful but I don't do fancy and complicated designs when painting so this was an easy way to add some color with a design simple enough for me to do!

For this project you will need:
fine tip artist paint brush
foam or regular paint brush

The walls were just white in the room so first step was to paint the walls a different solid color the other bedrooms are a light gray so this is what color I had for this room too! It needed a fun splash of color though so next using some other paint colors I had made the design

I used a 16"x 20" canvas to mark my circle so using the long side (your ruler would work too :) ) I made a mark at 20" going down the wall in the corner and along the top next to ceiling.

After I marked the corners at the 20" down the side in corner and 20" from corner on top I made a curved line connecting the marks.

starting in the corner and working the ruler along the line I made marks with the pencil 4" from the curved line.

I then had little marks on the wall that I connected with a curved line. from that line I made the next the line 6" away making that part that gets painted slightly larger than the gap in between. the next line is 4" away again and the next one 6" again

The pencil marks are hard to see in the photos but the design is now drawn on and I am ready to paint first I used the fine tip brush to paint the first curved line then filled it in between the line and corners.

Once the first half circle was filled in I traced the next two lines with the next color and painted between those two lines.

Traced the next two lines with the third color and fill in between I let it dry then did a quick second coat. I love how this turned out and it was pretty simple to do If I can do this you can too!

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Gift Cards

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